Friday, November 27, 2015

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

when feelings soar
clouds turn blue
your touch so tender
your voice like
mountain due
touches my soul
caresses my skin
words can't express
the highway I'm on
smile on my lips
rush in my heart
as your touch deepens
and all inhibitions 
fall apart...
only to meet in the 
far dimensions 
time beyond reality
an eternity
in it's pure clarity 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Seeing you Seeing Me


I smile out of time
Glitter off the glass
Catch that gleam
In your eyes
Lips just so apart
Reflected movement
Yet still
Touches my heart
As a smile
Wets my lips
In the knowing
Causing sunshine
And ripples in
The flow we both
Know is the
Door to the soul
Now exposed
Impartial to
The exposure
Of a naked

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Contemplation in Comparison

What is it that we have
I’m not sure I know
I feel the rain on my face
Not really there
It’s just my thoughts 
roaming once again
Out of place

Do you hear me
See my thoughts
As they stroll
Across my face
Lazy still and gently
Feeling each smile in the
Edges of your embrace

Do you feel my touch
From miles apart
Does it hurt at all
That much
Floating drifting wandering
You and I
In a never ending stream of
Honest ties

Do you hold me
Close within your heart
When darkness falls
And we are apart
Can you see me
As I sit and cry
Silent tears of longing
Wanting to feel your touch
Deep inside

Touch me now
Just hold me
Make me feel not alone
Enter in and take me
Beyond all control
When together 
our emotions

Will explode

Say My Name...say my name

My heart beats quicker
Every time I think of you
My soul sighs
In anticipation
Of a love I feel
I say am peaceful
Sitting here
Watching the evening
Turn to night
But in truth
I'd rather be
Holding you wonderfully
The stars haven't come out 
As yet
There's not a cloud
In the sky
But the miss you 
In my heart 
Is the part that makes 
Me want you 
I sit hear and
I await to see
A call

A voice speak
My name

say my name
Make me feel
Like only you 
With that
Smile in your voice
Like a kiss in the rain
When I hear you 
Say my name...
Say my name

8:20 PM

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Your Touch is Enough

You can read my thoughts and fill my mind 
Now touch my heart with that touch of time
Take me as I am in you and 
make me swell under the song renewed
For a monkey in silk is a monkey no less
As I borrow these words ...from a song you sing
I realize that I enjoy the ride....this flow...
this swing....I'm in

                                                                                                                                                9/9/2015      9:50 AM
The Air That I Breath

And I lie here and 
dream of you 
Touching me through 
the silk and perfume
Musk and honeysuckle 
dew drops and rain
fragrance of you and me 
Fills my senses, 
intoxicates my brain
Each caress, 
a soft brush of desire 
My lips are parted 
moist and willing
To feel your passion 
fill me within
I see your face. 
Your smile. Your eyes.
The twinkle with 
a naughty rise
I bite my lips 
just slightly swollen 
I want that kiss 
not bought or stolen

Thursday, September 3, 2015

In & Out

The rain pours down
You are not around
I feel the drops in 
my eyes

Water upon water 
but then it ain't tears 
why...'coz it not a reason 
to cry

You can be selfish 
but I guess
that's the ways of the 

When I need you around
You prefer to stay 
not awake to be
found and heard

Now if  only
I could 
hold you
touch your face
feel your skin

My heart will be 
a singing
to the tune of the rain 
beating in

My eyes like
stars will shine
my smile 
the night chill

Yes, if only but only
you were around
to cuddle me
under your chin

If that sounds 
like a cliche'
then be it as it may
for to me its just 
another reason
to write my whimsical


I see God
In all these places
Touching lives
Happy faces
I see the world
When they honour
And with humility
I see you
And I see me
And I wonder
How it's
come to be
That I've been drawn
Closer still
When unworthy
I stand and pray
Distant and
Don't obey
But it is these
Very thoughts
That I must conquer
If I'm to give
My all
All my heart mind and soul
To our God
Who knows me
And knows my all
Transparent I fall
Into your arms
Stretch them out
Please take charge
My life is yours
Has always been
Now I see
What I'd not seen
I belong to
Him alone
And he is my guide
Savior and friend
On who I can
Trust and depend
Tell him
Just what's in my heart
For he has known me
Right from the start
And as I see him
As I see anew
I know I smile
With a heart

By truth

Thursday, August 27, 2015

With or Without You

Why I want you so
I just don't know
you touch my soul
in your afterglow

I feel that sense
of longing
deep within,
an ache inside
my heart that's
oh so hard to fill

Just a word
from you
and I am on fire
its hard to express
this, smoldering

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When Souls find Each Other


Magically touched my heart with the white horse of the air, the breathtakingly beautiful settings that were painted with  the words...Mark Helprin has used to describe the scenes. The exquisite and almost angelic formation of the characters. Its a unique story. The beauty is in all the hidden messages and meaning there is within the story.

Horse he said, "we really must be going."

This is a slightly unusual story and it's written with the flare and style necessary to bring out the uniqueness  of it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

                            Hook, Line & Sinker.

Once again I have the good luck to receive Chhimi Tenduf-La's latest book as a gift. A gift that puts a smile on my face for more than one reason.

I turn the first page and I am taken aback. This is a totally different story from his first book, The Amazing Racist...but then I start to read and there it is - the easy style of fluid words that seem to pour forth with ease from this author. Chhimi has a way with words that one could say hooks you and holds you captive to his tale.

‘Now I see you sitting in the corner of Grade Three, knees drawn to your chest. You’ve never been in a sauna, I know that, but this is what it’s like. The sun heats up the tin roof above you, so you sweat till your muddy t-shirt is drenched, but still your teeth chatter. You shiver. It’s fear, it’s sadness, it’s anger.’

‘Prabu squatted, his backside just half an inch off the sand, his arms hugging his burnt-matchstick-like legs. To his right, a girl, maybe his age, likely Tamil, plaited hair and frisky eyebrows, selling Frangipani flowers to tourists.’ - Panther

It seems he is an author capable of adding humour to any situation, which is not that easy to do and yet, from the moment you turn the first page you are caught hook, line and sinker. You just can’t put the book down. Now there are some books that are good and others that are slower...however Chhimi Tenduf-La writes in such an easy and captivating style that, you don’t feel like placing a book mark in your book, to read it later. You just feel like you really need to read one more page and then another and another, until you have read the whole book.

I can only compare this feeling to an addiction of sorts. The feeling one has when they have strange urges, unbearable longings and insatiable desires.

Yes ! he is a writer that unlike others, totally relaxes your mind as you read. I will be honest and say I would generally not read books that even remotely revolved around our Sri Lankan war memories...yet Panther paints many pictures, amidst the facts, that tell a tale. This is not just a story but it’s a story with a morale, a message and flavour...yes ! once again Chhimi Tenduf-La has given us a winner!

Panther has a lot of interesting twists and turns but the subtle twist at the end is the one I liked best.

Ps: Not giving that away...Panther is well worth reading to find that out for yourself.

Friday, August 7, 2015


I feel you near 
I touch the air
Hold you close 
 I feel your breath
Kiss your lips
Feel them wet
You are strength
I hold tender
You are the voice 
that touches
 me in wonder
My whole being
I awake from 
sweet  slumber

Friday, July 31, 2015


Counting Stars


If I had to walk
A million miles
To get to where you are
You know I’d walk one million more
To get to you by far

If I had to swim a thousand seas
To hear you say I’m yours
You know in your heart
I’d be there
Before you call my name

If all that you were
Was just a man
Without a claim to a dime
You know I’d still hold you dearly

Forever until the end of time

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Makes the Difference

You can make that difference

you can stop time

You light up my world

with a myriad colours

And I’m free to fly

your colourful butterfly

Patiently Impatient

There is this empty feeling

That engulfs me 

when you are not near

I can’t quite explain it

But it has me by the throat

It cuffs me and it holds me

Till I feel I might explode

Monday, July 6, 2015

Many Moons Ago

I see you but can I feel you
can I order you like I would
a delicasy I wish to savour
will the universe deliver you...

...unto one that desires a taste of exotic flavour

Yes I said this
and so I must believe it
yet does it apply 
to souls crossed over...

...or is it just a plate, to be devoured for the passover

Can you hear me
is it sweet
the sounds I say 
the words I speak...

...oh should I believe that life is as it is, for keeps

Is it real 
the sun that shines
are they real
the stars at night
can it be the moon thats so bright...

...will shine its light for you and me tonight.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hook, Line & Sinker

Feeling pensive
stranger than strange
somehow the room
takes on your face

I see you everywhere
yet you're not near 
when I try to concentrate
it feels you are here

I think of a thought
then it feels out of place
I think of a verse 
its clothed in your name

Can you get out of my head 
and somewhere
much closer
so instead of this confusion
I can count myself the wiser

Just one word from you
and I can feel a smile
washing across me
like a sweet embrace

Just one touch 
and I know I'm sold
you have got me 
hook line and sinker
body and soul

Unlimitedly caught
in a net only you hold

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Me in You & You in Me

I want to walk with you
In a shower of rain
lay with you in
noonday sunshine and
bask in the summer
of your gaze
as you idly
caress my soul...
for when twilight
becomes night and
we dance under
a silvery moon
in a lovers
eternal solitude.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

              WAKING UP

When my eyes open
I see your face
My heart stops for a second
thoughts out of place

I need to hug you
feel your warm embrace
Feel your lips
taking me in...

Then sunlight kisses my hair and
falls across my face
making me
blink away
the sleep of your sweet image

A smile spreads across my cheeks
Without my knowing
It seems from afar
You have touched my soul...

And even though
You may not
realise it
My life is strangely wholesome and filled
With an untouchable happiness
That in me
You have Instilled.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Your My Sunshine & My Rain

You are, I can say...
like the sunshine and the rain.

Both  make me happy. 

One fills me with energy and inspiration 
to move ..get my work done, 
push me to do more than I think I can, 

explore new frontiers
reach for the stars.

This is you my sunshine.

The rain in you makes me feel...

Happy and cozy,
comfortable to chatter on, 
look deep within myself, 
see things from a different point of view
discover new sides of me dream. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Silently Loud

The sky is beautiful 
breathtakingly so this eve
As I sit here and watch
the dusk turn the evergreens 
to midnight mysteries

My thoughts are pensive
wrapped around you
But its been touch and go
today just...making me feel
the spaces inbetween
exceptionally blue

As the birds sweetly singing
Turn down their tune
Giving way for the crickets
to come out and play
Melodies sway and touch my soul
In a strange and gentle way

I sit above closer to the tree tops
White snowy clouds 
Whisper by
Dusk is all around yet
the late evening sky... 

I recall your face
smiling at me
from your secret place
and light fills my heart
when time and space 
is apart

The warm tea
is a soothing substance
as it slides down my throat
Comforting, caressing
my now slightly submissive passions
from reaching

Awaiting I sit
half smile across my lips
Anticipation of that
Silent voice that takes me on
Indefinite trips...across
time and space
without limits

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

   Unreflected in My Reflection

I look in my eyes 
Mirror reflects
Emotions riding... 
A deep sea quest

My breasts heave and fall
I take a breath
longing within
Secluded and...kept

Can my reflection see
Deep inside...
Passions overflowing
Of a different kind

Yet, so real
In the realms

I'm my own image
Twice kindled...


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Visibly Invisible

My eyes focus I see you
A smile across your lips
You unaware, I see
The thoughts passing across
your face

Your smile gets wider
Touching your eyes
Tiny crinkles around the edges
Making them smile

Voice soft, enticing
You whisper
In my ear
One by one, the words
I want to hear

Caressing my mind
Reading my thoughts
Delving in deep
Taking them out

You touch my soul
With your fingers
My heat beat quickens
Your kisses linger

I take a breath
Let it out
Can’t think straight
When you’re about

Mentally challenged
Physically swept
I’m like Icarus
Into the flame

...I’ve leapt.

Friday, May 8, 2015

     The Chrysalis

 "Yesterday is but a memory,tomorrow an unchartered live today 

so it will be a memory without remorse."

Yesterday I realised that I have been living in a cocoon and while it was safe and I believed it was my own personal space in my bubble, a bubble I imagined in my favourite shade of blue...I discovered that there was a reason for this. Sometimes some things slip our mind and hide in the far recesses of our feelings...hidden that is, until someone or something 'cracks the code.'

What you think is an accident can turn out to be a plan of life...or so I'm thinking. You would too in my shoes, when you meet the catalyst that pulls the chrysalis out of its cosy cocoon and croones in its ear to re-enter the world.

A world now far different from what was once familiar and yet, new, enticing, exotic, adventurous, fun and just that little bit crazy.

Yes today I discovered that place inside myself that sparks, rushes, runs, screams, jumps, leaps and flows. 

A place that is exciting, new, and tastes like a spoonful of strawberries and sour cream, mixed with chocoalate and mint that deliciously tingles on your tongue...making you squirm, moan and take an excited breath too many. A place feel safe yet, vulnerable. Scared yet, brave. Smiling and tired yet, full of a new life that gives you wings to fly.

Today I'm getting one step closer to the butterfly. Today I take baby steps. 

Then, a voice inside me says, " Is this good? Is this good?"
...and I realise I don't know.

I found a place where nothing is impossible...but is it real or was my cocoon safer. Sometimes we wish we could fly and then when we do...why, OH! we worry and fret tryimg to think three steps ahead. As humans, are we to feel that happiness cannot be ours to steal. Do we deserve it. Are we who we are...or just that beautiful "Chrysalis" that is so strangely beautiful from afar.

As the night draws in and my thoughts grow small...into my cacoon I wish to crawl. Safe and sound from the world outside, touched  by no one by my side.

Tomorrow will I spread my wings...and become a butterfly with a million dreams.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


                                     An Awesome Read

I got ‘The Amazing Racist’ by Chhimi Tenduf-La, as a birthday present...and this is by far the best ever gift of a book I have ever gotten. I just loved it. I haven’t laughed out loud while reading a book in a long time. My whole family were giving me strange looks as I just kept reading and laughing, an almost permanent grin on my face. I haven’t spoilt myself taking non-stop – ‘me time,’ the way I did with this book. I only stopped to coach my 7 year old daughter with her exams...then back to reading while eating, while everyone else slept, and well into the wee hours of the morning. I just couldn’t put the book down. 
‘She kicked me in the stomach, onto Uncle Thilak’s leather chair. His throne. The chair in the portrait behind his desk. Now my bare arse against it. Sticking to it. Sweating on it. Leaning over me, she swooshed her hair across my bare legs, against my chest. Her muscular legs held her above me without touching. Teasing. The greatest bloody tease of all time.’

This is just one scene that I loved, but the best parts are the conversations between Uncle Thilak and Eddie (suddha) that are rib tickling, reeking with sarcasm with an unbeatable witty flow to the words, that make you hate and love the old fellow at the same time. Your descriptions are so colourful.The way you portray Sri Lanka hilarious yet, so touching that reading this is like looking at a spectacular painting of a myriad colours.

The style of writing is so engaging that you just have to turn that page and keep going and going and, going. The humour is excellent and the plot is simply lovely. It’s the kind of book that’s not just captivating, it HOLDS YOU CAPTIVE! You just have to read it till you finish it...and when you do, you just sit back and wish the story hadn’t ended, that there was just a little more. Just a little bit more to chew on.

I finished the book and then thought...really, this guy is genius. You had made me laugh all through the book, fall in love with an old sarcastic character I would normally dislike and then, feel that feeling...

...I can only compare to as the type of satisfaction you get after you have just indulged in a delicious dessert and you finish the last drop, practically lick the dish dry and then you have that unbearable urge to have - just that one spoon more.

Well, that was the exact feeling that I felt when I reached the last few lines.

Oh! I just loved your book and I just can’t wait for the other book you say you are writing to come out.