Thursday, September 17, 2015

Your Touch is Enough

You can read my thoughts and fill my mind 
Now touch my heart with that touch of time
Take me as I am in you and 
make me swell under the song renewed
For a monkey in silk is a monkey no less
As I borrow these words ...from a song you sing
I realize that I enjoy the ride....this flow...
this swing....I'm in

                                                                                                                                                9/9/2015      9:50 AM
The Air That I Breath

And I lie here and 
dream of you 
Touching me through 
the silk and perfume
Musk and honeysuckle 
dew drops and rain
fragrance of you and me 
Fills my senses, 
intoxicates my brain
Each caress, 
a soft brush of desire 
My lips are parted 
moist and willing
To feel your passion 
fill me within
I see your face. 
Your smile. Your eyes.
The twinkle with 
a naughty rise
I bite my lips 
just slightly swollen 
I want that kiss 
not bought or stolen

Thursday, September 3, 2015

In & Out

The rain pours down
You are not around
I feel the drops in 
my eyes

Water upon water 
but then it ain't tears 
why...'coz it not a reason 
to cry

You can be selfish 
but I guess
that's the ways of the 

When I need you around
You prefer to stay 
not awake to be
found and heard

Now if  only
I could 
hold you
touch your face
feel your skin

My heart will be 
a singing
to the tune of the rain 
beating in

My eyes like
stars will shine
my smile 
the night chill

Yes, if only but only
you were around
to cuddle me
under your chin

If that sounds 
like a cliche'
then be it as it may
for to me its just 
another reason
to write my whimsical


I see God
In all these places
Touching lives
Happy faces
I see the world
When they honour
And with humility
I see you
And I see me
And I wonder
How it's
come to be
That I've been drawn
Closer still
When unworthy
I stand and pray
Distant and
Don't obey
But it is these
Very thoughts
That I must conquer
If I'm to give
My all
All my heart mind and soul
To our God
Who knows me
And knows my all
Transparent I fall
Into your arms
Stretch them out
Please take charge
My life is yours
Has always been
Now I see
What I'd not seen
I belong to
Him alone
And he is my guide
Savior and friend
On who I can
Trust and depend
Tell him
Just what's in my heart
For he has known me
Right from the start
And as I see him
As I see anew
I know I smile
With a heart

By truth