Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In the Distance of a Mile

Sometimes its strange
I hear you call my name
sounds out of my control
Like a river flowing
my heart feels the words
caressing my soul

In the distance of a mile
I can feel you smile
over ten thousands
of foot-steps apart
The light from your lips
touches my heart

In my quiet solitude
I sit in my space
a thought unspoken
moments out of place
Only you know...
needs to be held
This magic that keeps me
Under your spell

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Miles on Miles

I walk a mile in my thoughts.
Quiet in my solitude 
I sit and wonder of nothing at all...
for I realize that when one has a million things in mind...
the brain screams for a break and 
whether we heed it or not...it takes it.  
Then we are, as I am. 
Lost in a liquid thought that has no beginning and no end. 
Drifting on a cloud with 
no particular destination mapped out.

Morning Mindset

I'm going to love you
Like there's no tomorrow 
Yesterday can't touch us now
We've got today to last forever
Before time slips away anyhow