Friday, December 30, 2016

I bite my lip, read through
my seem to hold
each letter now sold, tied in...
a passion expressed, untold

Your touch ever present
in each word, of every line
my heart is open as we stand
this beckoning test of time

Past not present, future a,
swirling we
walk entwined in an ecstasy
two souls in mind, to keep

Friday, December 2, 2016

Higher Altitudes

I will ly here in my blue shirt
Feeling the need of you 
Sensing your touch upon my skin
Awaiting you filling me deep
Slowly but surely entering in
When doors open to your eyes
Kisses unspoken graze me lips
Your face just close within
Giving me all that sweet loving
Taking us higher where passions 
United can freely soar
At altitudes that exist...only in places
You and me both know

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Eternity seems a lot closer
From this vantage point
All the world is quiet 
The only thoughts 
Missing you can't quite silence
The words out loud

Thursday, October 20, 2016


You can read my thoughts and fill my mind 
Now touch my heart with that touch of time
Take me as I am in you and make me swell 

Under the song renewed
For a monkey in silk is a monkey no less
As I borrow these words ...from a sing you sing
I realize that I enjoy the ride.

This flow. This swing....I'm in

When You Touch Me

I Lay here and dream of you 
Touching me through 
The silk and perfume
Musk and honey suckle 
Dew drops and rain
Fragrance of you and me 
Fills my senses, 
Intoxicates my brain
Each caress, a soft brush of desire 
My lips are parted 
Moist and willing
To feel your passion fill me within
I see your face 
Your smile. Your eyes.
The twinkle with a naughty rise
I bite my lip 
Just slightly swollen 
I want that kiss not bought or stolen

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Awake Inside 
I'm laying back upon 
My pillows thinking
Thoughts of you 
Missing you more than
I like to admit inside...
As I smile and laugh
And try to hold onto
That moment when 
You'll hold me close
And whisper..."Yes my darling
Let me make sweet
Love to you."

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thoughts in Thinking 

Coconuts in abundance 
Palms swaying in the breeze
Clouds snowy against a blue sky
The world is turning...birds singing
The sun is hidden from sight
Afternoon is here thoughts are still in a peaceful
Enclosed space where happiness 
Holds the key to eternity

3:30 PM

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In the Distance of a Mile

Sometimes its strange
I hear you call my name
sounds out of my control
Like a river flowing
my heart feels the words
caressing my soul

In the distance of a mile
I can feel you smile
over ten thousands
of foot-steps apart
The light from your lips
touches my heart

In my quiet solitude
I sit in my space
a thought unspoken
moments out of place
Only you know...
needs to be held
This magic that keeps me
Under your spell

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Miles on Miles

I walk a mile in my thoughts.
Quiet in my solitude 
I sit and wonder of nothing at all...
for I realize that when one has a million things in mind...
the brain screams for a break and 
whether we heed it or takes it.  
Then we are, as I am. 
Lost in a liquid thought that has no beginning and no end. 
Drifting on a cloud with 
no particular destination mapped out.

Morning Mindset

I'm going to love you
Like there's no tomorrow 
Yesterday can't touch us now
We've got today to last forever
Before time slips away anyhow

Friday, April 22, 2016

I'm falling, just falling
catch me please
Your sun in my eyes
I can hardly see
I'm wearing pink glasses
Rosy shades I see...
You in the center
of my universal needs

You on My Mind

As you see the sunrise
and capture it for me
I long to hold you
right here with me


 In a Heartbeat
I miss you like  
Trees miss the rain 
The skies miss stars 
Mountains miss snow
I miss you right now...
More than you know


5:12 PM

Saturday, April 9, 2016

                               Spoken Tokens 

When you talk
I listen
Words you say
Touch my soul
When you demand 
My heart 
All the desires
You enterprise
In this world 
Where honesty 
Is dishonest
Truth is lies
That one can't be
Separated only
By love 
Too blind to see

Home in You

Excited I am
You call my name
I am an acolyte
For the rest of 
The day
Guru behold
Your words you told
Has taken me
New borders
As I sail on a sea
Wondering free
Spirited away
To and unfolding
I am all of your wishes
Riding a cloud
Touch me and hold me 
Take me now
Let me release 
My song
As we both sing along
Discovering lyrics 
We knew not existed 
In a world 
Where two souls 
Are home

Close in Heart 

Birds in the sky
Are you flying high
I wonder,
In a world miles apart
You have touched 
My heart
With lightening 
And thunder,
Where storms engulf us
Clouds caress 
Stars illuminate
Our desire,
Time can separate
Yet emotions 
Emanating hold 
You and me together,
In an eternity entwined
In lifes' sweet 
Of surrender