Thursday, May 28, 2015

Silently Loud

The sky is beautiful 
breathtakingly so this eve
As I sit here and watch
the dusk turn the evergreens 
to midnight mysteries

My thoughts are pensive
wrapped around you
But its been touch and go
today just...making me feel
the spaces inbetween
exceptionally blue

As the birds sweetly singing
Turn down their tune
Giving way for the crickets
to come out and play
Melodies sway and touch my soul
In a strange and gentle way

I sit above closer to the tree tops
White snowy clouds 
Whisper by
Dusk is all around yet
the late evening sky... 

I recall your face
smiling at me
from your secret place
and light fills my heart
when time and space 
is apart

The warm tea
is a soothing substance
as it slides down my throat
Comforting, caressing
my now slightly submissive passions
from reaching

Awaiting I sit
half smile across my lips
Anticipation of that
Silent voice that takes me on
Indefinite trips...across
time and space
without limits

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

   Unreflected in My Reflection

I look in my eyes 
Mirror reflects
Emotions riding... 
A deep sea quest

My breasts heave and fall
I take a breath
longing within
Secluded and...kept

Can my reflection see
Deep inside...
Passions overflowing
Of a different kind

Yet, so real
In the realms

I'm my own image
Twice kindled...


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Visibly Invisible

My eyes focus I see you
A smile across your lips
You unaware, I see
The thoughts passing across
your face

Your smile gets wider
Touching your eyes
Tiny crinkles around the edges
Making them smile

Voice soft, enticing
You whisper
In my ear
One by one, the words
I want to hear

Caressing my mind
Reading my thoughts
Delving in deep
Taking them out

You touch my soul
With your fingers
My heat beat quickens
Your kisses linger

I take a breath
Let it out
Can’t think straight
When you’re about

Mentally challenged
Physically swept
I’m like Icarus
Into the flame

...I’ve leapt.

Friday, May 8, 2015

     The Chrysalis

 "Yesterday is but a memory,tomorrow an unchartered live today 

so it will be a memory without remorse."

Yesterday I realised that I have been living in a cocoon and while it was safe and I believed it was my own personal space in my bubble, a bubble I imagined in my favourite shade of blue...I discovered that there was a reason for this. Sometimes some things slip our mind and hide in the far recesses of our feelings...hidden that is, until someone or something 'cracks the code.'

What you think is an accident can turn out to be a plan of life...or so I'm thinking. You would too in my shoes, when you meet the catalyst that pulls the chrysalis out of its cosy cocoon and croones in its ear to re-enter the world.

A world now far different from what was once familiar and yet, new, enticing, exotic, adventurous, fun and just that little bit crazy.

Yes today I discovered that place inside myself that sparks, rushes, runs, screams, jumps, leaps and flows. 

A place that is exciting, new, and tastes like a spoonful of strawberries and sour cream, mixed with chocoalate and mint that deliciously tingles on your tongue...making you squirm, moan and take an excited breath too many. A place feel safe yet, vulnerable. Scared yet, brave. Smiling and tired yet, full of a new life that gives you wings to fly.

Today I'm getting one step closer to the butterfly. Today I take baby steps. 

Then, a voice inside me says, " Is this good? Is this good?"
...and I realise I don't know.

I found a place where nothing is impossible...but is it real or was my cocoon safer. Sometimes we wish we could fly and then when we do...why, OH! we worry and fret tryimg to think three steps ahead. As humans, are we to feel that happiness cannot be ours to steal. Do we deserve it. Are we who we are...or just that beautiful "Chrysalis" that is so strangely beautiful from afar.

As the night draws in and my thoughts grow small...into my cacoon I wish to crawl. Safe and sound from the world outside, touched  by no one by my side.

Tomorrow will I spread my wings...and become a butterfly with a million dreams.