Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Contemplation in Comparison

What is it that we have
I’m not sure I know
I feel the rain on my face
Not really there
It’s just my thoughts 
roaming once again
Out of place

Do you hear me
See my thoughts
As they stroll
Across my face
Lazy still and gently
Feeling each smile in the
Edges of your embrace

Do you feel my touch
From miles apart
Does it hurt at all
That much
Floating drifting wandering
You and I
In a never ending stream of
Honest ties

Do you hold me
Close within your heart
When darkness falls
And we are apart
Can you see me
As I sit and cry
Silent tears of longing
Wanting to feel your touch
Deep inside

Touch me now
Just hold me
Make me feel not alone
Enter in and take me
Beyond all control
When together 
our emotions

Will explode

Say My Name...say my name

My heart beats quicker
Every time I think of you
My soul sighs
In anticipation
Of a love I feel
I say am peaceful
Sitting here
Watching the evening
Turn to night
But in truth
I'd rather be
Holding you wonderfully
The stars haven't come out 
As yet
There's not a cloud
In the sky
But the miss you 
In my heart 
Is the part that makes 
Me want you 
I sit hear and
I await to see
A call

A voice speak
My name

say my name
Make me feel
Like only you 
With that
Smile in your voice
Like a kiss in the rain
When I hear you 
Say my name...
Say my name

8:20 PM