Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Beside You

I thought about this moment
Caught between the lines
What I want right now
Is the stars in your eyes
Gazing at mine...with no disguise

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


I see you in the clarity
Of a cloud...that's indefinte
I see us in the transparency
Of the solid white
Sailing across my horizan

Catching time

Words and pictures
Slip in place
Some taken in...
That old familiar place
Catching time
In this everglade

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nipples rise
Heart beats faster
Quickened breath
Hot in desire

Feeling wet
Lips a swollen
Bitten and dry
Tongue a roaming

Wonder in
Thrust in and out
This chase of time
Is just about
To reach its peak
On loves

Greatest mount 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

You don't understand 
You're trapped, 
In the illusions of this world
Addictions, power and 
surmounting wealth
hold you in its grip

Can I see beyond the clouds 
to the divine heart of all things
feel the harp playing
a tune of melancholy, 
watch the children's laughter
in the shadows of the sun

We walk in mirror reflections
listening to the heartstrings
strummed in pain,
holding on to nothing
that is everything, to gain
in this world we create

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

He Says, "You mean, all I have to do is keep my heart open to you, even if all I can say is "I don't know what to say but I love you and I am going to stay here and try to respond...and we will turn into the lovers you find in storybooks?"
I give him a huge million dollar smile. "You got it sweetheart," I say, "just be there for me; that IS the story – the whole story of Us."

Saturday, November 18, 2017

I sat down to write something but nothing seemed to come to mind. 

The words evaded the space in my mind, I like to think...is full to the brim with ideas galore and yet, today it seemed all the clouds I saw, the purple sky or the soft feel of a tender balmy breeze brushing my cheeks as I sat in my favourite place...had done nothing,
to topple that stack of over piled words on to my paper...

Oh! no, that's not entirely right, as I love to write on notepads, in books, journals (oh how I love to collect these) and even on scraps of crumpled papers I randomly pick up...but if the truth be told, (as it always should be and almost always isn't) I need words to fall on my screen, after I have punched them in, my fingers dancing on the keys of my laptop. 

The feel of typing has now come to be so familiar to me, I almost feel like I was born with a keypad in my hands...sounds silly???

I know and I agree totally! But, what is it that one must say that runs parallel to the saying, "You must have been born with a pen in your hand." That being said I am simply quantifying a metaphor of my own making. Can I be accused of murdering the queens language? Maybe! Then again maybe not, considering the many new and somewhat weird words people come up with days, not to mention all the flang-slang and techno jargon kids, high on hip gadgets use or the text lingo that recreated a new form of morsecode, now used in our chat box and the short cuts to face book posting that include a lot of three letter and four letter words that are not really words at all and luckily cannot be confused with love or f..k.

So, no I think I am safe on this side of the fence. 

Yet, all I need tonight is a few good lines. 

The air-conditioner is blowing freezing, yet pretty nice fresh air on me, I am shivering slightly in my 100% cotton t-shirt dress and the lights are down low, with soft music playing on my old stereo. 

Then I realise, that it is time to close my eyes...dream the dreams of yesterdays, thoughts of hope for tomorrows' and excited desires of my passions, wrought in my souls yearning plea.

This flipside will have to wait!

My soft white pillows are calling me...and there's really nothing quite as perfect, as your head sinking onto your cool soft pillow about to ride the stallions of the night, now is there.