Friday, April 22, 2016

I'm falling, just falling
catch me please
Your sun in my eyes
I can hardly see
I'm wearing pink glasses
Rosy shades I see...
You in the center
of my universal needs

You on My Mind

As you see the sunrise
and capture it for me
I long to hold you
right here with me


 In a Heartbeat
I miss you like  
Trees miss the rain 
The skies miss stars 
Mountains miss snow
I miss you right now...
More than you know


5:12 PM

Saturday, April 9, 2016

                               Spoken Tokens 

When you talk
I listen
Words you say
Touch my soul
When you demand 
My heart 
All the desires
You enterprise
In this world 
Where honesty 
Is dishonest
Truth is lies
That one can't be
Separated only
By love 
Too blind to see

Home in You

Excited I am
You call my name
I am an acolyte
For the rest of 
The day
Guru behold
Your words you told
Has taken me
New borders
As I sail on a sea
Wondering free
Spirited away
To and unfolding
I am all of your wishes
Riding a cloud
Touch me and hold me 
Take me now
Let me release 
My song
As we both sing along
Discovering lyrics 
We knew not existed 
In a world 
Where two souls 
Are home

Close in Heart 

Birds in the sky
Are you flying high
I wonder,
In a world miles apart
You have touched 
My heart
With lightening 
And thunder,
Where storms engulf us
Clouds caress 
Stars illuminate
Our desire,
Time can separate
Yet emotions 
Emanating hold 
You and me together,
In an eternity entwined
In lifes' sweet 
Of surrender