Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just one of those Days

You ever have 'just one of those days'...when everything seems to be just a little off center,

or nothing exactly looks quite the way you want it to? 

Today turned out to be exactly that for me...and as a certain someone said, 
"sometimes you have days like that," Hmm! I thought and sighed silently 
as I wasn't even getting the attention I wanted and I did feel 
an attention deficit mounting mild irritation yet, can one blame me when - it's
one of those days :)
I had so much to do and then again everything bored me almost to tears. the fact that
I rarely shed one is besides the point. You see I consider myself 
bad-ass tough (even though I may not look it) and tears are not on the agenda but,
today everything seemed to bring a frown and 
smiles were hidden like the sun behind clouds that scuttle by. 

Then I watched the Cobbler 
with Adam Sandler 

...an interesting story that was wrapped around a cobblers stitching wheel that had a magical side to it. But what really caught my interest on this particular night, when I was feeling like I would rather have something a little more interesting in my life- was the fact that you have got to walk in another man's shoes to know his path. 
The ups and downs the interesting tit bits; what makes him tick. 
Its like a bad dog looking in on a good dog looking out. 
No one really understands anthers way 
until he walks in the shoes of another. and...

...I realized that sometimes the life we have isn't all that bad after all. 
Yes! it could be better and 
would be nice if dreams were wishes and 
I had wings to fly-to where I want to 
when I want to and, 
at the time I really feel like doing so.

But, sometimes those random feelings, those witty words and a few crazy punch lines 

are nicer than you realize. Even though at times you may wish there was more to it.
Funny that it takes something like a story line in a movie 
to make you stop. 
Take stock. And be thankful for the little bit of 'this and that' you have that is after all 
quite a lot of what makes your world go round.

Suddenly its not one of those days...I have got a sense of release after typing it all out...almost as much satisfaction as I could want in one night and now I am ready at 1.53 am to call it a night.

A thought does cross my mind...Oh! and what would the guru of; sleep on time say ?

Friday, March 13, 2015

                           A New Year in March

a new dawn
a new day when my mind
is swept away.

smile, a touch
my heat beat 
a song that steals a kiss

discovered new desires
flow through
quickening pulse

eyes taken in by
the dew on your 
sweet lips

focus, see
what awaits
should keep moving
or hesitate

wonder under a 
silver moon
new beginings
thoughts engulfed
with burning 
my heated pulse

deep breaths 
body sweats
skin so hot
make it yet
through another 

to touch to feel
to hold to have
its hard to think
whats wrong
whats right

will it pass
the surge of 
under current 
words the pictures
in the night

one for another
a fair exchange
can hearts
in an embrace

longing aches 
a touch of skin
can take me on
an ultimate limb

stand still
stand safe
time will play
its deck 
for you

moonlit nights
of silvery hew
will make 
their way in
when they 
enter you

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Midnight Read

I relaxed and sat back against the pillows. Unwinding after a tiring day is definitely something I have realized I need to do.

What I read was very nice and really surprised me. Sometimes some people have hidden talents that really surprise you. Why? simply because it doesn't stand out and it is almost invisible in their character. Yet there it was. A hidden talent I witnessed as I read...a friends poetry, that I must say was very nice.

A inteligent log of great depth, and musings of an everyday kind...all there to capture the mind and explore the life of another...within the words that spill out on paper; in this case typed neatly and logged out in place for interested eyes to see.