Friday, January 23, 2015

Quiet I'm Thinking !

If you learn to listen to the beats of your heart, you will soon be able to read the words. The doubts, the tears, the joys, and the instant accelleration of adrenanlin let loose in the confines of your very own space in time. 

If you do...learn this, you will find it so very much more easier to deal with all lifes' ups and downs with an easy mentality and hope, that otherwise is quite hard to come by.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


                  Sometimes when We Touch !

                              Open your eyes I tell myself, are you in company or alone.                                            Its strange that one moment you feel so connected and at the next quite the opposite  One day its pink rose frozen in ice and then its nights in white satin, never reaching the end. You walk, you talk you move...through what needs to be done...another day another dawn, an afternoon, an evening sun. You smile, you laugh and each moment anticipate your next act, that mask you it secure or will it show.  Yet, time stands still, your heart in ice. You cannot breath..but then, its your vice.               You try not to think, feel or hurt. But life is just that in all its worth. Come what may your on your own...amongst many yet still alone.

Oh! will you not learn, I ask myself ? Oh! do you not realize that your happiness should depend      not on others but, that of yourself. 

Life is what it is. Life is good if you accept it as you know should.